The Dream of an Eagle Flying Up Into the Sky and Space

On November 9, there was not a cloud in the blue sky unlike the weather forecast predicting rain. The New Life Welfare Foundation members shouted for joy, watching fantastic aviation show performed by Korean Air Force “Black Eagle” team. The battle planes cut through the blue sky, showing vertical rising and descent, a loop and a breathtaking crossing, and drew with white smoke a huge heart and a Korean symbol; the audience was overwhelmed with emotion.

At 10 a.m., Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and about 40 members of the Foundation arrived at the camp of the 8th Combat Wing of the Korean Air Force to comfort soldiers who were defending our airspace. The head of the wing, Koh Deok-cheon and many soldiers welcomed the members, hanging out a banner. The head of the wing said he was deeply moved, seeing the activities of the Foundation through the Internet. And he appreciated the member’ visiting the soldiers, saying, “It’s not easy to consider others and help them.”

He said that they were the front line of the Korean Air Force and introduced their special aviation team, “Black Eagle.” There are less than twenty counties throughout the world, which have their own highly-trained acrobatic flight teams. Seeing the promo video subtitled “To the Sky, To the Space” in a conference room, the Foundation members admired wonderful activities of the air force.

The head of the wing presented a frame containing the photos of the acrobatic flight of the Black Eagle Team and pilots’ signatures and medals. And the New Life Welfare Foundation donated twenty 21-inch flat TVs, hoping that they would be used for the welfare of thousands of soldiers. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah asked the soldiers to receive the heartfelt gifts though they were small, and expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thanks to your effort, people in Korea take rest and work in peace. You’re doing a great work.”

It was time to tour through the unit. The Korean flag, Taegeukgi, hung on every hangar showed the patriotism of our Air Force. After looking around the history museum of the special aviation team and seeing the promo video, the members met pilots with “red mufflers” of the team “Black Eagle.” Chairwoman comforted them, shaking their hands one by one and complimented, saying, “How difficult it is to practice!” Teamwork is the most important thing for the Black Eagle team, so their slogan is also “teamwork.” They took a pose for a picture, shouting “Teamwork!”

On lunchtime, the Foundation members served food which they had prepared—rice cakes, fruits, chickens, beverages—at cafeterias named Boramae and Songolmae. Soldiers were happy and said, “It is the first time when people visit us with food.”

After lunch, the members met combat pilots who were devoting themselves to defending our airspace, and visited an engineering battalion and thanked for their efforts. A small defect in an airplane can cause a big accident, so engineering should be done carefully according to the procedure and principal, and it is also important to a pilot and an engineer to work in perfect harmony. To fly an air plane, pilots should carry out intensive trainings; an anti-gravity training to sustain gravity that is nine times greater than their body weight, and a hypoxia training to cope with high altitude. Engineers should also add their hidden efforts. Realizing their efforts, we were more proud of them and respected them who overcame all the difficulties with pride and patriotism. Their hidden efforts may be power to support our society.

Around 1 p.m., the “Black Eagle” did not spare their ability at the air show for the Foundation members and the children of Goseong Elementary School. When six plains drew pictures on the blue sky as if they were drawing pictures on the blackboard with a white chalk, sky-blue dreams were engraved in the heart of the Foundation members and the children.

By the time the air show finished, the members met Park Ji-yeon, one of the nation’s few female combat pilots. She was small and looked young, so the members were curious how she could do such a hard work. She said that nothing in this world was easy and added, “Just like women ride a roller coaster well, this kind of job suits better to women.” The members were impressed by the female pilot full of confidence.

At the time to leave, Fight Colonel Cha Yeong-heon, who showed their way during the tour, said, “Thank you for visiting us though you are busy doing various social services. Today’s visit is the best comfort for us.” Chairwoman Zahng spoke words of cheer and gratitude again to the soldiers, saying, “We came here to comfort you, but rather you served us.”

The soldiers regarded hard works as nothing, and devoted themselves to their country and people, and they flew on the basis of unity; it was an invaluable time for the members to learn many things. You, soldiers, who are carrying out your mission in your each position with the blue dreams in the sky, always be healthy!
“We Win!” “Teamwork!”