“Have a Warm Winter in Good Health!”

Before greeting winter, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, directors and around 30 members visited a marine unit in Korea on November 19 to comfort the soldiers who are laboring in the forefront.

The marine unit is located within two kilometers, the shortest distance from North Korea which is opposite across the river, so the soldiers cannot lose their tension even for a moment, but must be on strict guard. “Anything that moves at night is our enemy.” As this motto says, they become more nervous at night while all are sleeping comfortably. Although all their faces look worn out, their hearts are full of pride and self-confidence as “invincible marine.”

That day, the unit welcomed the members of the New Life Welfare Foundation and showed them the military promo video and guided them to quarters and a forefront guard post. On the way back, they dropped by the historic remains of dolmen in Ganghwa, which was designated as the Memory of the World.

The Foundation members donated dehydrators, electric stoves, soccer balls and magazines that the soldiers might admire. And they served them with rice cakes, chickens, fruits, and beverages they had prepared with a mother’s heart.

Though it was late autumn, the weather was mild, so they had a good time at the table set outside in front of the unit building, conversing with each other and laughing like a family. When the members said that though the main image of the marine unit looked gentle, they were overawed as well, a lieutenant commander replied with an impressive comment, “We should be gentle to citizens, but awful to the enemy, shouldn’t we?” We hope that the imposing soldiers of “the marine unit that catches even the devil” have a warm winter in good health.