Sometimes, something small may bring great joy to us. The “Walk & Ride” challenge, which was carried out in the month of February, brought us such joy. Although the members took the first step with a small resolution, “It’s for the environment. Let’s do it,” it brought them an unexpected happiness.

Commuting to work, picking up or dropping off kids to school, grocery shopping, or going to a doctor . . . It takes you much less time when you use your car, but if you walk or use a bicycle to get to these places, it will take you quite a long time. Despite that, if you diligently move your legs, you will be in good condition, enjoy a beautiful scenery, and get closer with your family if you walk together with them. Moreover, you can be proud that you help reducing carbon footprint.

Philippines, Mongolia, Canada, the United States, Namibia, Korea, etc. participated in this challenge. There are epilogues of “Walk & Ride” challenge,
where members from 14 countries participated in unity. Shall we take a look at them together?

“Walk & Ride” challenge is a real-life clean action campaign of the WeLoveU, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by walking or riding a bicycle instead of using a car. If you travel about 3.5 km [2.2 mi] without a car, you can reduce 482 g [1.1 oz] of CO2 and plant 0.06 trees.

🚶‍♂️ With whom did you participate in the "Walk & Ride" challenge? 🚶‍♀️

Pork Kim Laic Salman (nickname)

I usually drove my car to the supermarket that wasn’t far away, but today I walked with my daughter to participate in the challenge.


Every day, I drove my child to her school. This time, I walked with my child along the path I never took. We talked a lot along the way. It was like killing three birds with one stone because I could reduce carbon dioxide, took care of my health, and made good memories with my child.


It takes me less than 5 minutes by car to get to the hospital. Today, I walked with my husband, giving up my comfort. We walked for about 40 minutes, but it seemed like it was just 10 minutes.

📷 Let's Walk and Ride to school and workplace!The beautiful scenery is a bonus! 📷


It takes me about 10 minutes to commute by car. Here are the benefits of riding a bike: 1) Reducing fuel economy, 2) Participating in environmental campaigns, 3) Improving health. I was determined to ride a bike to my workplace three times a week.


After getting off work, I always felt uneasy in the car on the way home because of traffic. However, as I rode a bike towards the park, I was able to see blue sky. I could also take care of my health, reduce carbon, and see the beautiful sky by not driving a car.

Clean Action (nickname)

Let’s walk on the crowded road after work on Fridays! I can see the moon while walking. After passing the crosswalk, the bus stop, and finally I arrived at my destination. Thanks to the challenge, I was able to see people and nature to my heart’s content. I feel so good!

🙌 You’ll feel better when you Walk and Ride! 🙌

Erik Menchaca (U.S.)

I used to drive to the nearby park, but I feel great walking. From now on, I will walk.


Walking and watching sceneries gives me energy and warms my body!

Samruddhi Kambale (India)

I am very happy to participate in the Clean Action campaign. I walked 2.3 km. I felt great and the weather was nice!


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In March, we will carry out the “Recycling” challenge!