At 10:00 a.m. on June 17, a group of people assembled in East Coast Park, Singapore. They are about 130 members from Intl. WeLoveU Foundation in green vests with a bright smile.

With trash bags and tools on both hands, they cleaned up the beach as well as every corner of the park. Their faces remained bright while holding the trash bags together to pick up the trash. Despite the fact that the bags were getting heavier, they kept their bright smiles. They gathered various kinds of trash like plastic bottles, food waste, plastic bags and all kinds of wrapping papers. Since many locals visit this beach often, they put more effort in the cleaning. They cleaned the distance of around 2 km, and 750 kg of trash was collected in the trash bags the Singapore National Environment Agency provided for the cleanup.

“We look forward to sharing a clean place of life with our neighbors through constant environmental cleanups,” said the WeLoveU.