On June 17, a street cleanup took place in Brisas del Golf Park, Panama. A group of volunteers dressed in white t-shirts with letters of “WE♥U” were busy in the streets among the locals who visited the park for a holiday. Holding the plastic bag in one hand and the hand of a young child on the other, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation members came out to the streets during the holiday.

They walked around the vast park in a group and filled up their garbage bags quickly. Since the area had a floating population, there were many types of waste such as municipal waste, food, packaging materials, and rubbish buried in the ground. The Wurfina Alpha Ward supported the cleanup with garbage bags and gloves for the 60 participants.

“We carry out the Clean World Movement every year. It is more meaningful because there is something in line with the implementation of the UN SDGs. We are pleased that our small practice contributes to the implementation of the UN SDGs’ 17 goals including (3) health and well-being, (6) water and sanitation, (11) sustainable cities, and (13) responding to climate change,” said the WeLoveU.