The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation carried out the Clean WORLD Movement to cope with climate change in Concepción, Junín, giving a helping hand to achieve UN SDGs.

59 people of different ages from children to the elderly participated in the cleanup conducted at Av. Mariscal Cáceres on July 8. The volunteers picked up all sorts of trash in the street and removed flyers posted on telephone poles. Thanks to their efforts, the city became clean soon.

The City of Concepción expressed its sincere appreciation to those who volunteered willingly to serve their neighbors and communities despite the scorching sun by providing gloves and garage bags.

The Clean WORLD Movement was also held in many places of Peru such as Chiclayo, Cerro de Pasco, Barranca, Huaura, Jaén, Tarma, Satipo, Lima, Huancayo, and Chanchamayo with more than 900 participants.