The U.S. members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred
to as the “WeLoveU”) carried out the Clean WOLRD Movement 11 times
from August to November to clean up local communities.

The cleanups were carried out in Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland,
and Connecticut, and trees were planted in New Jersey and New York.

They collected more than seven metric tons of various wastes such as plastic waste, face masks, and mattresses. They also planted 230 trees suitable for the surrounding ecology to create a sustainable global environment.

Make Forests, Beaches, and Streets Clean

In the cleanup, many employees from companies supported the WeLoveU’s activities and protected the natural environment: City Bank, BlackRock, Power Home Remodeling [PHR], as well as officials from the Green Team, the environmental advisory organization of the Perth Amboy City Council, and the Department of Sanitation in New York, .

“I had a really good time. Even though it is raining, there are so many volunteers.
Today, we’ve cleaned up the fallen leaves and made the park more beautiful.
I feel so good to be able to help the community with my co-workers.”

Abren, Employee of Power Home Remodeling [PHR]

Protecting the Ecological Environment of the Park by Planting Trees

Trees have a positive impact on the environment by improving air quality
and securing biodiversity. The members take the lead in preserving the ecological
environment by planting trees in local parks. The employees of a design company HDR
and the Department of Parks and Recreation in New York joined the activity with joy.

“Planting trees is very important to restore the park environment
that was devastated by the emerald ash borer.”

Dave Davis, HDR’s NY & NJ Area Cross Sector Manager

Taking care of the community is also a matter of helping the environmental well-being of local esidents. The WeLoveU provides clean recreational areas for communities by cleaning up streets, forests, rivers, and beaches through the constant Clean WORLD Movement, and creates a healthy future for the earth.