The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation conducted the Clean WORLD Movement during June and July. On July 8, 2018, about 200 volunteers came together to pick up trash and debris scattered in the Parque Bicentenario and nearby streets. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, people were able to enjoy a clean park.

The volunteers walked over a 3 km long distance collecting all kinds of litters they could find along the streets. They picked up 3,500 kg of litters which caused bad smell in the park. The gloves, plastic bags and masks that the volunteers used in the cleanup were provided by the Environment Department of the relevant governmental agency.

A volunteer who participated in the cleanup said, “participating in meaningful activities that impact our society is one of the ways to share love with the global community.”

By carrying out the cleanup, the volunteers offered a safe and clean environment to people in the city.

Meanwhile, the Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement was launched in alignment with the UN SDGs.