Nowadays, more and more people think about the environment and dispose of waste separately. Then, do they all properly segregate waste?

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah) posted a video titled “The Recycling Challenge Is the Answer” on its website and YouTube ahead of the start of the “Recycling” challenge in March. This video enlightens people to the seriousness of plastic waste, and introduced the correct way to segregate waste and dispose of it. Then, many people wrote a comment that they thought they were doing well but that they weren’t. They said it was more than just sorting waste by type.

The correct method of segregating and discharging is summarized in three steps:
Step 1 “Empty,” Step 2 “Reduce,” Step 3 “Collect”
First, empty the content and remove the label of a bottle or the tape on a box.
Then, press the plastic bottle and fold the box to reduce their volume.
Finally, sort the waste according to its material.
Colored PET bottles should be separated from transparent ones.

Although it was a little troublesome, the participants pledged to properly dispose of waste for the earth. Let’s take a look at the vivid reviews of the challenge held in March.

✨ Hipsters Disposing of Waste Separately at Work ✨

Kaitlynn Sherwood, U.S.

My co-worker took a picture of me separating them!

Hyerim Ju, Japan

Segregating milk cartons and plastic bottles, I feel happy that I’m doing it for the environment.

Hyerim Ju, Japan

Segregating milk cartons and plastic bottles, I feel happy that I’m doing it for the environment.

Han (nickname), Korea

Segregating milk cartons and plastic bottles, I feel happy that I’m doing it for the environment.

👍 Benefits of Segregating Waste 👍


When the waste is segregated and put out, the amount of waste is checked and it helps me try to reduce waste.


I feel sorry that animals die or get injured by eating trash that has not been properly sorted out. I’m happy to be able to save the environment and protect animals through this challenge.


Here is a tip: You can collect disposable straws after washing them in a disposable cup that you will throw away. You can recycle it at home.

Shay Braden, U.S.

This “Recycling” challenge provides a healthy and safe environment for wild animals, too. I’m happy to participate in this great challenge.

🎵 Segregate waste according to what you have learned 🎵

Syrone Fernandez, Philippines

In the past, I just threw plastic bottles in the trash bin. But now, I wash the inside of bottles with water and reduce their volume. I’m happy that my small action is good for the environment. From now on, I will continue to wash, separate, and reduce the volume to dispose of PET bottles.

loversugar (nickname), Korea

Whenever I disposed of paper boxes, I did not remove tapes and stickers. From now on, I will organize them neatly and dispose of them separately. Thank you to the WeLoveU for providing such a great opportunity to learn!

awake0o0awake (ID), Korea

I couldn’t even think of removing the loop part of a bottle cap. I felt like it is too hard. However, it was easier than I’d thought to hold the blade and remove the lid hook. I put the tip of the scissors into the ring, lifted it up slightly, and pushed it gently with my hand. However, on a website, they say we don’t need to remove the lids because they are separated automatically during the shredding process. From now on, I will be able to separate and dispose of them more easily.