What comes to your mind when you think of plastic? Plastic bottles may come to your mind first, but in fact, plastics come in many different forms. There are many kinds of materials made out of plastic: plastic bags, thick and hard containers like the one for laundry detergent, straws, cup noodle containers, soft and flexible materials like shoes and bags.

Types of Plastic

Synthetic fibers used to make clothes are also plastic materials like mineral water bottles, so it is said that they produce a large amount of microfibers not only when wearing them but also when washing them. These microscopic plastics, which are huge in number, are considered to be the main source of marine pollution. Clothing made of natural fibers such as silk and cotton also makes other pollutants in the process of production, which has a negative impact on the environment. What matters is not what kind of clothes you buy, but not buying too many clothes is important.

The WeLoveU’s “Plastic Upcycling” Challenge for a month in June is aimed at reducing the consumption of plastics and reusing them to reduce carbon emission.
It is to go one step further from recycling and try upcycling (new use) to increase value by adding ideas and designs.

You can participate in the WeLoveU’s “Plastic Upcycling” Challenge by making a product anew or by participating in the upcycling campaign of a local government or company. It is also good to post the challenge poster at home, work, or school to let the people around you know.

How did the WeLoveU members transform a plastic product?
From now on, let’s see their comments.

Plastic Transformation Is Infinite!

- Coffee Capsule Mini Pots -

They are flower pots made of coffee capsules. Aren’t they cute? I put them on my desk and raise them.

Song Yun-jin, Korea

- PET Bottle Flowerpots -

We’re excited to participate in the Upcycling Challenge. We’ve thrown away plastics without thinking about the environment. Through the Challenge, we realized that plastic, which I thought was trash, can be useful objects.

Lapiz Lazulli, Philippines

I made a heart-shaped vase and planted garlic.
So I joined the Challenge, too!

Vanessa Dias, Ecuador

I planted flowers in a plastic bottle. I was really excited while making it, and my little brother who joined me really liked it. The tiny flower pot that fits comfortably in our hands is really cute.

Shiela Jumangit, Philippines

- Plastic Bottles to Be Used in Various Ways -

I’m a high school student living in Polomolok. I’m so happy to participate in the Challenge with my friend. I just threw away empty plastics, but this time I made some useful items. We’ve participated in creating a sustainable environment in a simple way.

Onesyr Dezfernan, Philippines

After thinking about recycling coffee cups with my son, I made new bird feeders. It was a pity that the birds were struck by cars and died while looking for food on the road.
Since the feeders are far away from the main road, the risk of accidents can be reduced.

Moran&Diaz, U.S.

I made the school supplies and hairpin organizers out of plastic waste, and I was satisfied with them. Plastic waste has been turned into a useful tool.

Jm Diongzon, Philippines

Sunday, June 19, is Father’s Day in Ecuador. My younger brother and I thought about how to please my dad, and then we decorated plastic bottles for the anniversary.

Pumacuro Ortiz Zahid, Ecuador

I only knew about recycling, but by participating in the WeLoveU Challenge, I realized that there is upcycling that adds creativity to plastics and makes them valuable.

Elohi, Philippines

Catch Microfibers (Microplastics)

After watching a YouTube video, I made scrunchies with my friends. The rubber band inside is recycled from face mask straps. I wanted to give it to my friend, but it took a lot of time to finish, so I just made what I would use. It was fun to reuse what you would have thrown away and make something new.

Kim Da-hye, Korea

I made a reusable bag and hair ties with a dress that I was not wearing anymore. It was a sleeveless dress, so I just cut the bottom hem and tied it. Then, it was done. I made a hair tie by using the leftover fabrics from the dress and face mask straps. I gave it to my friend because she liked it. I watched a documentary about clothes (microfibers) that were thrown away. They are floating in the sea and create bad smell and bad living conditions for sea creatures. Although it is a small practice, I am happy to participate in protecting the environment.

Park Do-hyang, Korea

I made a reusable bag with a T-shirt that lost its shape. I made dog clothes out of the leftover fabrics, but I forgot to take a picture.
As long as you know how to use scissors, you can make it easily.

Kang Chae-yeon, Korea

Knitting Work Made of Vinyl From Used Banners

It was a little inconvenient to carry the tumbler around because there was no handle. I cut out vinyl waste and crocheted a pouch. It looks pretty good. It was a little difficult to make, but I felt proud of myself that I made something that is helpful for the environment.

Lee Hye-ji, Korea

I cut out an old banner and made a stand for pens in my office. It was a little difficult to knit because the banner was not flexible. I’m still satisfied that I made something useful out of what could have been thrown away. The next day, I made a bag out of one of my unused scarves. I think it will be useful when I go out.

Prurun (ID)

Local Governments and CompaniesParticipating in Upcycling Campaign

My company participated in the upcycling challenge. I brought the plastic waste that the staff had collected, to a nearby resource recycling center. After weighing the plastic according to the type, they were separated and disposed. The plastics collected in this way are processed and distributed to companies for upcycling. Two days later, we were rewarded with Eco Together Points. Oh, the resource recycling center gave us a bag for collecting transparent plastic bottles, and we will continue to participate in the challenge.

Lee Joo-hyun, Korea