Providing pleasant environment to 40,000 students

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation repaired an old football stand in University of Douala in Ndogbong, Cameroon, located on the west coast of Cameroon. There was a ceremony for the completion of the stand repair with thirty people including the Foundation members and some officials from University of Douala on November 25, 2017.

University of Douala is one of national universities in Cameroon, and there are about 40,000 students. The stand, which was repaired by the WeLoveU Foundation is located on the 2nd campus, where natural sciences are studied. After the stand was constructed in 2008, it has been used for various school events and student club meetings. Students used this place to avoid rain during the rainy season (from the last part of May to the last part of November) and to avoid blazing sun during the dry season (the first part of December to the middle part of May) which is close to 40°C [104°F].

However, the stand had not been repaired for a long time and students had been exposed to danger. Broken and torn floors could cause students’ foot to be stuck while walking and the torn pieces of the floor were sticking out; and the top part of the roof was left skeleton.

When the WeLoveU Foundation learned about its poor environment, the members carried out repair work for students’ safety. Because the university’s financial situation was worse than a private university, they had delayed the repair work for many years. That was when the Foundation walked in to carry the work. The university officials rejoiced over the work and it was carried out from October 18 to November 25.

First, among the 570 planks on the floor of the stand, 330 old and broken ones were replaced and the whole floor got painted. The roof was repaired, too; after building its structure with solid wood, the roof was repaired by using wood and iron plate. The members also planted lawns around the stands, and made twenty trash cans and arranged them around the stand. As the construction was completed, the number of students using the repaired stand increased.

University officials and students once again expressed thanks to the Foundation. President François Xavier ETOA was deeply grateful for expanding the scope of the students’ activities. He mentioned that the university loves the WeLoveU Foundation, and that the school gate would be always opened for the WeLoveU Foundation.

“I’m very happy to be loved by a volunteer service organization, not by a government agency. This kind of voluntary activity can be an example for college students. I feel that our school is walking with the WeLoveU Foundation,” said the Student President Issa Mahammat. Max Assira, who is a freshman, said, “I actually didn’t want to come here until it was repaired. But now I come out happy. You’ve given us a big gift.”

An official from the WeLoveU Foundation said, “I’m so happy that many more students use the place after it was repaired. The construction has been done well and the factors that threatened students’ safety are all gone. Since it has been beautifully transformed with the help of the WeLoveU, it is expected to become a new resting place and attraction in University of Douala.