En 2018, la Presidenta Zahng Gil-jah de la Fundación Internacional WeLoveU donó bombas de agua a la Escuela Primaria de Trorpeangveng en Camboya. En 2020, mejoró el entorno educativo y donó libros.

Laying the foundation of secure dreams

Trorpeangveng Primary School is located in Samraong, Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation formed the first relationship with the school in November 2018 by donating water pumps for the school. This time, the WeLoveU decided to improve the educational environment.

The primary school, attended by about 100 students from kindergarten to grade 6, consisted of two small buildings. One of them was set up on an earthen floor, and was surrounded by plywood boards; it did not have an opening door, the roof was old, and rain poured in. In one corner of a classroom, unused desks and wooden boards were precariously stacked up. The WeLoveU Foundation decided to repair the educational facilities for the students to do their learning to their hearts’ content in a pleasant environment and follow their dreams.

On December 9, 2019, 15 WeLoveU members visited the school, and started the construction work. They first constructed the classroom floor which was covered all over with earth, by cementing it; then, they replaced the old roof with a new one, set up a door for the classroom, and colorfully painted the walls so that the students could joyfully study.

All the furniture that was left unattended in the classroom, narrowing the space and threatening the safety of the children, was recycled. The WeLoveU members made bookshelves with wooden boards and broken desks, and decorated the space where there was furniture to become a library. There were a lack of school textbooks; junior students were receiving textbooks from their seniors. So the WeLoveU also decided to donate books to the school.

The members made a flower garden in front of the building, and placed desks and chairs on the open space so that the students could study with nature. The members devoted themselves to the construction work over 20 days day and night, lighting up the place with a generator and portable fluorescent lights.

In 2018, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation donated water pumps to Trorpeangveng primary School. In 2020, she improved the educational environment and donated books.
The repair work completion and book donation ceremony at Trorpeangveng primary School

On January 13, 2020, the repair work completion and book donation ceremony was held. The event was attended by 85 people, including the school students, their parents, teachers, Heng Socheat Samraong the Vice Mayor, officials from the government, and WeLoveU members. On that day, the WeLoveU donated 160 textbooks and storybooks for the students, hoping that they would receive quality education. The members also presented 130 gift sets of school supplies to the children.

In the New Year, the school children entered the newly decorated school with bright smiles. Heng the Vice Mayor expressed his intention to cooperate with the WeLoveU in various spheres, saying, “I’m very happy to have found out about the WeLoveU. All the members are lively, and I came to develop an interest in the activities as well. I strongly support the activities of the WeLoveU, which are conducive to improving our country and nurturing talents.”

The primary education is a basic, necessary step for nurturing talents who will lead the future. The WeLoveU will continue to support schools in different regions as well for students to receive solid education, starting with basics.