In June, the Clean WORLD Movement to respond climate change was held in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil. It was more meaningful as the event went along with the UN SDGs and was participated by men and women of all ages.

Thirty-three people including the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation members and the residents participated in the cleanup in Aviário, Rio Branco. They swept trash in the street corners with brooms and cleaned up garbage accumulated in the sewage. Passersby paid attention to the cleanup and the media such as TV5 Acre reported it with interest.

The response from the local government was more favorable. The municipal government supported the event with garbage bags and necessary items. It expressed its appreciation to the WeLoveU for working voluntarily to improve the local environment and raising environmental awareness.
On the same day, 110 people carried out Clean WORLD Movement at Fuandação ABC in Santo André. The City of Santo André also offered gloves and cleaning tools, and the deputy mayor encouraged volunteers with his presence.