Blood drive in Daejeon for the third time—now it takes root as a festival to share life

“When we participate in volunteer service activities, we can feel they are worth doing and also feel happy. So people who have tasted the joy of volunteer service participate in it more and more. Especially, blood donation is directly related to saving lives, so it is highly rewarding and it makes us more pleased.”

On September 10, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah visited the Chungnam National University Hospital to encourage the WeLoveU members who participated in the blood drive, and explained the reason why more members participate in the blood drive. True to her words, as the blood drive is held continually nationwide, the joy of the members keep increasing.

This day, the Foundation held the “Blood Drive in Daejeon for the Second Half Year of 2010.” The event, which was held for the third time in Daejeon city after last year and February of this year, was supported by the Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon-Chungnam Blood Center of Korea National Red Cross and Daejayon [International Association of University Student for Environmental Movement]. Those organizations are now reliable partners of the Foundation while working together for last two times of blood drive in Daejeon. In the blood drive over 700 members participated, and it took root as a local festival to share love. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah visited the blood drive place and encouraged the members, saying, “Every drop of blood you donated will be of great help to saving lives.”

Song Shi-heon, the Director of Chungnam National University Hospital, appreciated the members’ devotion despite the hot weather, reminiscing about the members who donated their blood even in the cold weather last winter. He emphasized the importance of blood donation, saying, “Today’s science cannot make blood, but it is absolutely necessary to sustain life. As a neurosurgeon, sometimes I need to transfuse blood into patients, and I can see they noticeably get better when they receive blood transfusions.” Kim Cheol-ho the President of Daejeon-Chungnam Blood Center of Korean National Red Cross, also expressed his special thanks to the WeLoveU members that they donated blood in summer and winter when blood is in short supply. He put a high valuation on the blood drive of the WeLoveU Foundation, saying that it contributed to creating a positive atmosphere for blood drive as a campaign which draws citizen’s voluntary participation.

The blood drive, which was held for the third time in Daejeon city, was progressed smoothly and orderly. The noteworthy thing was that many members prepared themselves for the blood drive by taking care of their health: a female member, who had participated in the blood drive before but had been unable to donate her blood because of her health condition, saw a doctor and managed her health to donate blood; a member participated in the blood drive again as he felt that the blood donation was worth doing after he donated last time. It was like a festival as the members applauded and congratulated the members who had failed to donate blood last time but succeeded this time.

“This is my first time to donate blood. I had vague fear and bad feelings about this in the past, but I took my heart today with the members. Well, once I did, it’s not so hard. I feel proud and pleased” (51 years old, Yu Geun-il).

“This is my first time. I’m so happy and I can’t describe my feeling with words. I feel so proud because I can help others. I’m the mother of my two kids, three years old and four years old, and after I became mother, I felt like helping others and sharing something with others” (33 years old, Choi Jeong-hee).

The members who donated blood for the first time in their lives were full of smile. The WeLoveU members, who had run to the place wherever their helping hands were needed, pledged themselves to keep volunteering to help others while taking care of their body and soul to be sound, saying, “Like other volunteer service activities, blood donation also make us feel happier and healthier as we practice it more and more.”

The blood, which the Daejeon branch members donated this day, will be delivered to the Daejeon-Chungnam Blood Center, and the members’ blood donor cards were donated to the Chungnam National University Hospital.