Over 500 IWF members in Daejeon branch participated in the blood drive at the Chungnam University Hospital, and the Hospital staff and visitors also joined.

The Intl. We Love U Foundation conducted “Blood Drive for Cancer Patients” in front of the children’s wing of the Chungnam University Hospital on June 4. This event was co-sponsored by the IWF and the Cancer Center of Chungnam University Hospital, and was very successful with the positive participation of over 500 IWF members in Daejeon.

Lee Woo-seop, the Head of IWF Daejeon Branch, said, “IWF carries out various volunteer activities. Among them, blood donation is a very meaningful project to save dying people. This time, the members in Daejeon branch donated blood.” Park Jong-woo, the Head of Cancer Center of Chungnam University Hospital, who made a great effort to hold this blood drive with the Korean National Red Cross, expressed his gratitude, “I appreciate many members’ participation and heartfelt cooperation. We will make sure to use this to save life without wasting even a drop of your precious blood.” Kim Cheol-su, the Manager of Planning Section of Daejeon Chungnam Blood Center of Korean National Red Cross, said, “Schools, military bases and many organizations donate blood, but during summer and winter vacations it is hard for us to supply blood to patients. At this difficult time to get blood, if a social volunteer group donates blood like you, it is greatly helpful.”

Three blood vehicles of the Red Cross arrived at the university in the morning, and the blood donation progressed in good order from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. After listening to the purpose of the blood drive and how to donate, only the volunteers, who turned out normal through hemoglobin check, filled up medical charts. The medical examination by interview before blood drawing was very strict with the standard of advanced countries, because donors’ health had to be considered and safe blood was to be supplied to donees. Through various checkups—blood pressure, body condition and their medical history—only those who passed them were able to donate their blood.

The members, who couldn’t donate their blood, had to go back home, feeling sorry. They said, “I will surely donate my blood next time after taking care of my health.” This day, 198 members, who had passed the medical checkups, donated their blood and presented blood donation certificates to Daejeon Cancer Center of Chungnam University. The donation certificates are expected to be used for cancer patients, who have not received medical treatment due to financial difficulties.

An IWF member, Kim Hee-yeong (33, from Panam-dong, dong-gu, Daejeon), said, “Two years ago, when my father was hospitalized due to a cancer, it was very burdensome financially to get a blood transfusion. In the past, my health was not good enough to donate blood, but I could do today. I’m very happy to become healthy and donate my blood. Thinking that when I donate blood pleasantly it will also be helpful to donees, I participated in it with joy.”

A member, Park Seong-a (36, from Deogam-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon), said, “When I gave birth to my third child, I bled a lot. With someone’s blood donation, I could overcome the crisis. I’m happy to share what I received with someone else through this event.” A member, Lee Jung-hyeon (63, from Seonhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon), said, “I’m so lucky and feel proud to be able to donate my blood at the age of 63. I hope that patients will recover soon through our small practice of love.”

In this blood drive, not only the IWF members but also the hospital staff and visitors participated to save life. And also, the ratio of successful applicants was high; it proves that the pleasant mind and healthy living habits of the IWF members, who positively participate in volunteer activities, is the basis to make individuals and society healthy.

Lee Woo-seop, the Head of IWF Daejeon Branch, said, “We are planning on the continual blood drive at the time of shortage of blood supply.” Today, the volunteers from Daejeon branch felt joy and worth, and pledged to take the lead in enlightening many people to pay attention to the value of life and participate in blood donation.