565 IWF members participated in the event and donated 240 sheets of blood donors’ official registration card to the Kyungpook National University Hospital.

On August 19, Wednesday, Intl’ We Love U Foundation held a blood drive in Daegu city. This was the third blood drive held by a branch after Bucheon and Daejeon. The blood drive was held by the Intl’ We Love U Foundation and supported by Kyungpook National University Hospital and Gyeongbuk Center of Korean National Red Cross Daegu. 565 IWF members participated in the campaign.

Chief of Deagu Branch Byeong-Ho Park said, “A blood drive is a practice of noble love, so we the members of Daegu branch became one mind and planned this campaign.” The blood was delivered to Korean National Red Cross for emergency cases, and the donors’ cards were donated to Kyungpook National University Hospital to help patients in need among the patients suffering from leukemia, rare disease and cancer.

There was not enough space in the hospital for many participants, so the Korean National Red Cross Blood Center supported five blood drive buses. Ji-Yeol Song, the director of the Blood Center of the Korean National Red Cross in Deagu, Gyeongbuk, emphasized the importance of the blood donation, saying, “Blood donation is love we can give with little time, and it is also a valuable present because blood cannot be made by any other means but our own bodies.” He added, “This is of much help because you donated blood in August, the month when we lack blood supply the most.”

The blood drive started from 10 a.m. and continued even after 5 p.m. After a complicated procedure of written inquiry, only those who have normal level of Hemoglobin could donate their blood. This was to supply clean and normal blood, considering the health of both donors and donees. 242 members who passed various examinations could donate their blood.

The IWF donated the 240 blood doners’ official registration cards collected by 5 p.m. on the day to the Kyungpook National University Hospital. Yeong-lae Choi the Director of the Hospital appreciated the members for their help in those difficult time of blood supply, and gave them a plaque of gratitude. He said, “Following your good will, we will use these registration cards to help patients in need.”

On this day, the member Bak Jeong-Hun (30, Ipseok-dong, Dong-gu, Deagu) said, “I was happy to save a life with a part of my body. My blood type is Rh¯, which is unique, so I will donate blood often. I want to help to save a dying life though it is little.” The member Tak Seon-Hui (33, Pyeongni-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu) also said, “I got a cold a few days ago, but I didn’t took medicine to donate blood. Because I heard a good purpose of this campaign, I was willing to participate.”

The members who had to work on this day made time for donation. The member Yu Seung-Seon (40, Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu) said, “As I said I would donate blood, my director was pleased to let me go. I participated to be a little help for saving a life.” Bak Byeong-Ho, the manager of the Foundation’s Daegu branch, was ambitious, saying, “The members weren’t afraid of donating blood and they joined with delight. We are planning to help our neighbors’ life continuously by donating blood.”

January, February and August are the months when blood is especially needed, so the blood donating during these months are much more useful than normal times. The members decided themselves to keep sharing love with those people in need with their bright and healthy smile.