Saving lives through blood drive is the most important and urgent thing to do right now!

Due to COVID-19, social and economic activities have become sluggish, and the physical distance between people has grown. Ironically, the measures that are taken to prevent the spread of pandemics and save lives are killing other lives; because the number of blood donors has sharply dropped. Since the U.S. declared the pandemic, more than 50,000 blood drives got cancelled. Furthermore, a number of abnormal climate changes such as cold waves and heavy snowfall occurred, shutting down numerous blood centers. The media reports on the issue of blood supply on a daily basis, but there are not many people who donate blood as they fear of the infectious disease. On the contrary, the number of people who need blood transfusions has increased.

American members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “WeLoveU”) planned a large-scale blood drive and immediately proceeded with it as the blood shortage worsened. In January, members donated blood from six states, including Indiana and California, at four blood centers; in February, from 12 states, including Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts, at 14 blood centers; and in April, from Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma at one blood center. In a total of 19 blood drives, 2,991 members applied for donating blood; among them, 2,390 members successfully donated blood. Even in the difficult situation of a pandemic, saving lives was the most important and urgent task. So they willinlgy participated in blood donation and contributed to saving thousands of lives.

Express your love for mankind through blood donation

On the 10th day of the first month of the New Year, 39 members of Indianapolis, Indiana, participated in blood donation at the Delaware Township Community Center, announcing the beginning of the U.S. Blood Drive in 2021. On January 17, members from 35 regions in California, and the members from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada, launched the 370th Worldwide Blood Drive. More than 800 WeLoveU members gathered at the plaza in front of the LAFC soccer field in Los Angeles; and lawmakers, mayors, medical workers, actors, and athletes too participated to support blood donation.

As there were many people, they paid more attention to become a safe event. The blood donors had been asked to arrive at the event venue on their registered times, and all the participants had been guided to test themselves for COVID-19 in advance. On the day, they not only wore a face mask, but also measured their body temperature and sanitized their hands, and the event staff put on a face shield and tried hard not to narrow the distance between people. Above all, they all followed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC].

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a member of the California State Assembly, who attended the blood drive, appreciated Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s efforts, saying, “She is really doing the right thing when everyone is going through hard times due to the pandemic. From her love for humanity, she helps out people without expecting anything in return, so that people can improve their lives.” He felt relieved at the fact that the critical patients could undergo surgery without delay, saying, “There were only half a day’s blood left in the blood storage. Were this blood drive not held, we would have to instruct hospitals to delay surgeries.”

On the same day, the WeLoveU members in Columbus, Ohio, too held a blood drive at Graduate Columbus Hotel, and 29 members successfully donated blood. On the 31st, 50 members in Middletown, Connecticut, held a blood drive at East Hardford YMCA together with the American Red Cross.

The blood drives that were held in 14 regions in February were conducted while the members strictly adhered to COVID-19 prevention guidelines like those held in January. On February 7, members in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania donated blood simultaneously at four blood donation centers; and members from ten states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Wyoming, held blood drives at two blood donation centers on the 14th, at one blood donation center on the 15th, at three blood donation centers on the 21st, and at five blood donation centers on the 28th. The blood drive at Kentucky Blood Center on the 15th was not easy due to snow storms, but it was not canceled because the members who were able to move looked for blood donation centers to donate blood.

Texas; among 1,300 members who expressed their will to donate blood, 1,043 members successfully donated blood. In fact, the number of people who could donate blood at the stadium was limited to 960 people. However, members in Dallas visited the local blood donation center and showed their willingness to donate blood; so more than a thousand people donated blood in one day, and they set a record.

The blood drives that were held until April were reported 46 times through central and local media outlets, and they informed many people of the importance of donating blood in the age of pandemic. Ricardo Lara, Maywood City Mayor who attended the blood donation in Los Angeles on January 17, held an online awards ceremony on February 10 and presented a citation to the WeLoveU. He praised the WeLoveU’s blood drive, saying, “It’s a great and wonderful event.”

American members practiced love for humanity by donating blood. They said they would continue to take care of their neighbors without delay although it was a difficult time for all.