Held Blood Drives in 46 Regions of 14 Countriesin Age of Pandemic to Alleviate the Shortage of Blood Supply

The global economy suffered a considerable blow from COVID-19 which is expanding its scope by continuing to mutate. Many countries are choosing to transition to the “With Corona” era, which is to coexist with the virus. They acknowledged the impossibility of ending the coronavirus and changed the direction of medical care to focus on the treatment of critically ill patients. However, in order to deal with the With Corona era without any problems, the blood donation rate, which has dropped rapidly amid fear of the spread of the contagious disease, must be increased.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation planned the Worldwide Blood Drive 2021 to help alleviate the blood supply shortage in many countries, because the pain of patients in need of blood transfusion aggravated as the blood supply dropped significantly amid the whirlwinds of the COVID-19 pandemic. From September 2 to 26, the WeLoveU carried out blood drives in 46 regions of 14 countries (Australia, United States, Philippines, Mongolia, India, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uruguay, Brazil, Malawi, Kenya, Benin, and Rep. of South Africa). About 3,800 WeLoveU members and citizens participated in the blood drives, of which 2,113 people with healthy blood succeed to donate blood to share life with neighbors.

The blood drive started with the WeLoveU chapter in Cairns, Australia, on September 2. On the 5th, it was held in 10 locations in the Rep. of South Africa, including Cape Town; and in 3 locations the Philippines, including Quezon City, on the 26th. The 393rd through 441st blood drives were carried out in a row at hospitals, Red Crosses, blood banks, blood donation centers, and cultural and sports centers in various locations.

Blood Donation With More Brilliant Value in the Age of Pandemic

The WeLoveU held 20 blood drives in less than a month in Peru, which led to cheers of support from hospital medical staff and the heads of local governments. Head of “Daniel Alcides Carrión” Clinical-Surgical Regional Hospital in El Tambo, Huancayo, Junín, sent cheers of support for the WeLoveU’s blood drive campaign, saying, “The WeLoveU is the only organization that conducts blood drives every year. Its constant effort will save many lives.” The medical staff also scrambled to say that they were moved by the WeLoveU’s blood drive campaign that is carried out every year. The mayor of the Bellavista District participated in the WeLoveU’s blood drive held at Daniel Alcides Carrión National Hospital in Bellavista, Callao, and expressed his gratitude by presenting a certificate of appreciation and a plaque of appreciation to the WeLoveU for its extensive blood drive. On September 8, the WeLoveU held a blood drive at a children’s park in cooperation with Lambayeque Regional Hospital in Chiclayo. It was also meaningful that three passersby showed interest in the blood drive and joined in donating blood too.

All the countries where the blood drive has been conducted lavished with compliments on the WeLoveU’s campaign. At the Worldwide Blood Drive held at Ecuadorian Red Cross Specialized Medical Center in Quito, Ecuador, on September 13, the representatives of the National Blood Centre and the Specialized Medical Centers of the Ecuadorian Red Cross recognized the WeLoveU’s contribution to donating blood voluntarily, and presented certificates of appreciation to Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the WeLoveU Foundation. “Blood donation is very important to Ecuador and to the Red Cross. Thanks to the WeLoveU’s blood donation, we will be able to save about three to four hundred lives,” said Aníbal Gaviria, the Manager of the National Blood Centre.

A medical staff member at National Women’s Hospital in San Salvador, El Salvador, also expressed gratitude to the WeLoveU for practicing love for neighbors through blood donation, and explained how worthy it is to donate blood in times like these: “The number of blood donors in hospitals has significantly decreased due to the pandemic, but the void was filled with the love of WeLoveU. Blood is in high demand for newborn babies, so the families with newborn babies would probably appreciate it the most.”

In India and the United States, many WeLoveU members participated in the blood drive while adhering to preventive measures endorsed by the government. In particular at Kondapur Government Hospital in Ranga Reddy, Telangana, India, 300 members attended and left a big record of 200 blood donations. In the United States, about 400 members participated in the blood drive held at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 26, and 228 people successfully donated blood. On the 22nd, a few days before the blood drive in Atlanta, the WeLoveU hosted a webinar recognizing Sickle Cell Awareness Month to publicize the importance of blood donation. Georgia has one of the highest rates of sickle cell disease. On the day of blood drive, some famous basketball players in the NBA Hall of Fame participated to encourage blood donation, and the blood drive was broadcast live on YouTube.

The media around the world reported 65 times about the WeLoveU’s blood drive, and paid attention to its progress in sharing love through blood donation in such difficult times.

The WeLoveU members who participated in the blood drive always convey the same message of hope: “We hope many people will participate in the blood donation that shares both love and life and have a happy experience.” In addition, the members altogether urged the participation of citizens in blood donation, saying that there was nothing more brilliant and valuable than blood donation in this age of pandemic.