Now the class is fun, and dreams and hopes are growing within

On September 20, 2017, Int’l WeLoveU Foundation donated twenty sets of audiovisual education facilities to Bagong Silangan Elementary School in Quezon City, Metro Manila in order to improve the educational environment for children in the Philippines.

In the Philippines where the gap between the rich and the poor is great, the educational environment and facilities of public schools run by the state are very poor, compared with private schools with rich financial support. Also, public schools are saturated with students as there are more students than classrooms. In severe cases, there are three shift classes, but usually two shift classes. It is difficult to expect high quality curriculum using various media.

The local government of Quezon City selected one public school in Bagong Silangan, which is one of the poorest urban areas of Metro Manila, for the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation branch in Quezon City to help the school. The Foundation staff visited the school with city councilors and discussed how to help with the improvement of educational environment. Bagong Silangan Elementary School is composed of 6 grades and has 3,000 students divided into 78 classrooms in the morning and afternoon classes. There were only two classrooms where audiovisual education was available. They’ve decided to install 40-inche TVs, laptops, and speakers in 20 classrooms so it can proceed with various classes in some other classrooms.

On September 20, at 2:00 p.m., the audio-visual education facility donation ceremony was held at Bagong Silangan Elementary School. The ceremony was attended by Principal Wilma Manio and school personnel, city councilors, members of the Foundation and with more than 100 students. The school choir showed a nice stage for donation ceremony. As this ceremony sparked media’s curiosity, the radio and TV reported on the activities of the Foundation before and after the donation ceremony.

“I’ve asked several agencies, but what only returned was that it was difficult to support us. With the help of the WeLoveU, we are now able to effectively educate not only ordinary students but also students with disabilities. You are our true blessing. Thanks again to WeLoveU Foundation.”

Mrs. Emelita Pedrin, who’s in charge of students with disabilities, described how difficult it had been for her to educate those students, and expressed her appreciation. Some of the teachers became tearful at the thought of their students who would be so glad, and were excited to have class by using audio-visual materials. The students too smiled all the while, seeing the audio-visual facilities.

A partaker of the WeLoveU hoped better quality education would be provided through this support so that the students could become the future of the Philippines. The WeLoveU is about to expand practical help and service so the students can dream a greater dreams in a better environment.