Republic of Benin
Charity, Justice, Labor                                            Abomey-Calavi Nov. 2, 2018
Ministry of Primary Education
Department of Primary education in Atlantic
Pedagogical Region No. 11
School District of Abomey-Calavi 3
Public Primary School of Zinvie-Fandji A-B

Letter of Thanks

Our sincere gratitude to South Korea’s “WE LOVE YOU” NGO for its humanitarian work for our students in the Zinvie-Fandji school complex.
Infinite thanks to all who make these works possible.
Everything that you gave the students will be used well.

Director: Gregoire LISSASSI                    Director: Gisele S. GANHOU

Lang Benin Date2018-11-02NameGregoire LISSASSI, Gisele S. GANHOU(Director of Zinvié-Fandji Primary School)

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