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Santa Fe
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August 13th, 2019

On July 31st of this year, CUDAIO carried out blood collection from donors at the Dr. Jose Maria Cullen Hospital facilities through the Provincial Hemotherapy Program of the city of Santa Fe, with the collaboration with the International WeLoveU Foundation.
It was an excellent collaboration with the Foundation mentioned above, which managed to summon 35 people to sign up as potential donors, and 25 people donated blood.
The collected blood units were distributed in 3 hospitals of the city that have a blood bank.
We are very grateful to the WeLoveU Foundation for joining this very important and vital task of promoting the blood donation service.

Alcides Fabian Garbozo
Hemotherapy Technician
Dapartment of Promotion and Collection -CUDAIO
Santa Fe

Lang Argentina Date2019-08-13NameAlcides Fabian Garbozo, Hemotherapy Technician of the Department of Promotion and Collection-CUDAIO in Santa Fe