Certificate of Appreciation

In Honor ofChairwoman Zahng Gil-jahThe International WeLoveU Foundation

Valuable guest visited the General Hospital Thiruvananthapuram on
11.07.2019. They were the members of the International WeLoveU Foundation who joyfully donated blood because “Blood Donation is Life Donation”.

They donated blood with a bright smile on their faces with the slogan
“Save the World”. My heart is moved by observing their smiling faces without expressing any fear.

The blood donated with mother’s mind and the love shared by all the
Members to the needy is really praise worthy to the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah, the International WeLoveU Foundation who motivates and encourages all the members of the Foundation.

Vanchiyoor P.Babu

Lang IndiaDate2019-07-12NameVanchiyoor P. Babu / Chairman of Development Standing Committee, Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation.