Open the door to the sea of knowledge and information for school children

In this age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Information & Communication Technology [ICT] has become indispensable and no longer an option. However, children in economic difficulties cannot even have access to electronic equipment. Bangladesh made it mandatory for primary and middle school students to receive computer education, but there are still educational blind spots.

Alok Shikkhaloy School, located in Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladeshi, is a private institution that provides education to underprivileged children free of charge. It is attended by a total of 300 students who need elementary education, including preschool students. Since it operates on support fund from external organizations, it always suffers from financial difficulties; as a result, the biggest challenge of the school is that it is unable to provide education on ICT because it does not have computers.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation learned of the situation of the school through the Bangladeshi embassy in Korea, and decided to donate computers and educational materials to the school after having a discussion with the school. On July 24, the donation ceremony of educational supplies was held at Alok Shikkhaloy School. On the day, 10 members from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Branch in Bangladesh visited the school, and donated five computers, desks, speakers, and extension cords in the presence of 50 school students.

After the donation ceremony, the WeLoveU members moved the new desks to the school library and personally installed the computers. They also shared snacks with the students, and showed them how to make use of the computers. The students listened to them with sparkling eyes.

The school is finally able to provide education on ICT to all the students; it plans to provide education through the computers after school even when the students graduate. The teaching staff repeatedly expressed gratitude to the WeLoveU. Principal Rasheda Nasreen said to the students during the donation ceremony, “Let’s learn the spirit of the WeLoveU, which shares a mother’s love with the whole world,” and expressed his wish to work with the WeLoveU.

The WeLoveU opened the door to the sea of knowledge and information for the school children. Quality education is the solution to break out a vicious cycle of poverty and inequality. The WeLoveU will examine if there are any neglected children, and support them with the heart of a mother.