A plaque of gratitude was granted at the luncheon for volunteers

On July 24 (Thursday), 2003 the New Life Welfare Foundation received the plaque of gratitude from the mayor of Daegu for their outstanding contribution to the settlement of Daegu subway tragedy, at the “Luncheon for the Volunteers Contributing to the Subway Tragedy Settlement” held at the Grand Hotel in Daegu; the volunteers from the foundation provided the bereaved families and visitors with meals and beverages 24 hours for 55 days

The luncheon was designed to repay 46 voluntary organizations and their volunteers, who had offered conveniences to the bereaved families and sought solutions together with them for the subway tragedy that occurred in Daegu on February 18. Daegu city hosted and the mayor personally presented the plaques of gratitude to each organization and volunteer.

At the luncheon made up of pleasant conversations and the awards ceremony, Mayor Cho Hae-nyeong said, “Thank you for making Daegu city a symbol of volunteer activity, by prompt volunteer activities for the sudden disaster. I ask you a favor one more time to show your power as volunteers for the Universiade Games that will be held in Daegu soon. We need many volunteers’ service and assistance.”

Lee Gang-min, the Chief Director of the New Life Welfare Foundation, received a plaque of gratitude and said, “Today, morality is impoverished, compared to the material richness. I think that true volunteers are those who spread warmheartedness that is needed the most in this age, and provide our unfortunate neighbors with practical help. I’m happy to be helpful to many our neighbors with our service activities for the last subway tragedy. This award solidifies our mission towards the world.” He added that the New Life Welfare Foundation would serve our neighbors like guardian angels so that they could overcome difficulties.

The New Life Welfare Foundation members not only conducted free meal service for 55 days, which other volunteer organizations were reluctant to, but also contributed to the psychological relief and stability of the bereaved families through their service with kindness and smile. They drew attention from the press and other volunteer organizations, and were called the “living angels.”