The “We Love U” Bride was built in Shree Junga in Itahari City

On May 28, the “WeLoveU” Bride completion ceremony was held in Shree Junga, Itahari, Sunsari, Southeast Nepal. A total of 250 people—Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Nepal Branch Manager Kim Jeom-ki, Foundation members, Itahari Congressman Rewati Rawan Bandari, Itahari Mayor Pashu Pati Khatiwada, and the residents—participated in the event and shared joy together.

Every year, Nepal suffers from heavy rain in the rainy season which starts from June. In particular, Sunsari District is flooded very often. In 2008, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation delivered relief goods to the flood victims in Bhantabari, Sunsari.

At the end of July last year, the bridge over the Tengra River in Itahari, Sunsari, collapsed due to a heavy rain, and it caused difficulties to traffic and people’s commute. As this bridge was at the entrance of Itahari City from Shree Junga, a farming village with about 1,500 people located on the outskirt of Itahari, it was the main road where over 400 cars pass by. However, the restoration of the bridge kept being delayed because of the cost. As the bridge collapsed, there was no more shortcut for the residents, which left them no choice but to take a long route. It was great loss timewise and moneywise.

As the WeLoveU Foundation headquarters in Korea heard this sad news, they promised to build a bridge over the Tengra River in Nepal through the 15th New Life Concert held at the Seoul Student Gym on December 1 last year. Everything was pushed forward quickly, and a concrete bridge of 9 meters in length and 5 meters in width was under construction from January 1 until April 6. The bridge was named “WeLoveU” Bridge after the name of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation.

The completion ceremony was going to be held on April 27, but it was postponed about a month due to the earthquake that occurred on April 25. At about 10:20 a.m. on May 28, the “WeLoveU” Bridge completion ceremony started with a silent tribute for the earthquake victims, and it was followed by the national anthem of Nepal and the gratitude greetings of the guests. Congressman Rewati praised the Foundation, saying, “I thank the WeLoveU Foundation for building this good and strong bridge.” Itahari Mayor Pashu Pati presented the certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU Foundation and said, “The government should’ve built this bridge, but the WeLoveU Foundation restored it. Thank you so much.”

The WeLoveU Foundation also presented the certificate of appreciation and gifts to the construction manager who worked hard for building the bridge and to the Shree Junga village office which made every possible effort to support the construction. Manoj Chaudhari, the Head of Shree Junga Village, and the residents were happy, saying, “Our village is developing a lot thanks to the WeLoveU Foundation.” The event was held in a bright and happy atmosphere, and concluded with delivering the certificate of donation and taking a commemorative photograph.

After the earthquake occurred in Nepal on April 25, the WeLoveU Foundation has been helping the earthquake victims in various ways, donating relief goods and volunteering relief efforts. The “WeLoveU” Bridge built in Itahari, Nepal, will become a bridge that connects people to people, countryside to city, Nepal to Korea, giving comfort and encouragement to the residents who have been suffering from the natural disaster.