Turning an old library into a place for happy learning

In Mongolia, 80% of the national territory is used as grassland. However, due to the recent desertification, nomads are being driven out of grasslands into cities. They do not own houses to stay, so they form a village and usually live in gers, which are traditional Mongolian portable round tents.

On the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, 2,400 students from grade 1 to 12 attend 79th School in Bayanzurkh district nearby a ger camp. There were more students than can be accommodated by the local condition. So the lesson was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Majority of the students who live in gers did not have a suitable place to study even if they wanted to after school; because gers were dark because of poor electricity supply and the school library was too small.

Intl. WeLoveU came to learn of the situation from the Education Office of the city, and decided to improve the condition of the library after consulting with the school. The members in the related fields undertook the design work. After the floor plan was completed, the construction work began in earnest from Aug. 1, and lasted for one month until Aug. 30. First, the nurse’s office and multipurpose room next to the library were relocated, and the walls were torn down to expand the size of the library by two times. The widened space was freshly decorated, the lamps were replaced with brighter ones, and six new bookshelves were brought into it.

As a result, the library was entirely transformed into a modern one in its floors, walls, and ceilings. All the books that had been stacked or put in sacks found their places. Intl. WeLoveU also donated eight desks, twenty chairs, and one CCTV for facility management.

On Sept. 12, Intl. WeLoveU’s library completion ceremony was held at 79th School in Bayanzurkh district. Around 100 members of Intl. WeLoveU, the school teaching staff and students, along with J.Gantulga the Head of Metropolitan Education Department, attended the completion ceremony. The event was filled with laughter thanks to the students’ singing in choir, musical performance, and dance routines. On the day, the school presented a plaque of appreciation to Intl. WeLoveU.

J.Gantulga the Head of Metropolitan Education Department said, “The overall educational environment of 79th School is poor. I’m truly thankful to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for improving the condition of the library at the right time. I really look forward to working with Intl. WeLoveU in the field of education in the future.” U.Dugarmaa the school principal said with gratitude, “The improved library is a great asset to all the students. In a critical time of the beginning of a new semester, the new library has opened, and now more students can dedicate themselves to school studies.”

The remodeled library became a precious place, where the students can quench their thirst for learning. Intl. WeLoveU will continue to provide customized educational support to each school for more students to enjoy their educational opportunities.