Have a happy holiday in the love of a mother!

During Chuseok, families gather together in their hometown and share family love. Every family waits for Chuseok in great anticipation. However, there are people who feel lonely especially during the festive season. Intl. WeLoveU Foundation shares love with neighbors who spend their Chuseok in loneliness and difficulties.

In 2019, too, WeLoveU shared food and happiness in celebration of Chuseok with neighbors. From September 2 to 10, WeLoveU supported underprivileged households in cooperation with government offices in 50 regions of Korea, including Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeolla, Gyeongsang, and Jeju, and Seoul. Through a donation ceremony held in community service centers in municipalities and district offices, WeLoveU delivered packages of food worth about 50 million won [50,000 USD] to 1,300 households.

The members made packages of food with olive oil, sesame oil, beef bone soup, and abalone rice porridge, noodles, canned food, etc. In some regions, the members personally visited households, holding the packages of food. One senior citizen from Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, who was disabled and could not even take a meal for himself, held the hands of the members and said in tears, “Thank you so much for personally visiting me.”

Officials from municipalities said in unison that they would deliver the gifts to those who surely needed them. Gwon Gu-seong, the Chief of Chilseong-dong, Bukgu, Daegu, said, “Thank you so much for your efforts. Thanks to your help, the foundation of the region has been laid.” The members replied, “While helping others, we ourselves were happy. Not only the neighbors who received the gifts were happy, but we also had a very good time.”

The members cheered all their unfortunate neighbors to spend their festive season in happiness and abundance without leaving anyone behind, and hoped that the love of a mother contained in the gifts would be delivered to them and help them no longer feel lonely.

Donation of Food in Celebration of Chuseok 2019

With the warm heart of a mother, we shared happiness with 1,299 underprivileged households in 50 regions of Korea in celebration of Chuseok.