13,000 people participate in 152 regions around the world

Climate change is changing people’s lives. Asia is suffering from frequent floods due to heavy rains, and North America from droughts. An island which must be once someone’s hometown has sunken under the ocean, and people who have nothing to eat due to the great drought are wandering around as refugees. The climate change is not distant future anymore, but is becoming reality. Then what can we do in this situation?

On May 21 and 22, the “2017 Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement for Climate Change” was held in 152 regions in 37 countries around the world with about 13,000 WeLoveU Foundation members and citizens. The Clean WORLD Movement is an environmental movement to clean residential areas where the members belong, and to help the world be aware of the seriousness of the climate change and eventually change society.

In Korea, cleanups were held at Eulsukdo Cultural Center in Saha, Busan; around a residential area in Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan; and at Dongmak Beach in Ganghwa-do, Incheon, etc. Out of Korea, cleanups were conducted at the Tuul River in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Bhosari, Pimpri-Chinchwad, India; Los Olivos, Lima, Peru; the Henderson Stream in Auckland, New Zealand; Langa in Cape Town, Rep of South Africa; Lancaster in California, U.S.; Old Trafford in Manchester, U.K., etc.

On this day, the members held the Clean WORLD Movement near their residential areas according to their regional or national features. They picked up tree branches, plastic bottles, other pieces of plastic, etc. that were drifted ashore at the beach or the stream; and in the city, they cleaned along the highways and also in small streets, picking up all the old plastic bags, trash, cigarette butts, etc. as if they were cleaning their own front yards. They also went to the forests and parks that the residents use together, cleaned them by picking up all kinds of trash and refuse, and in some places, they planted trees or carried out an environmental protection campaign. The local governments that agreed with the purpose of the event provided them with cleaning supplies such as trash bags and gloves, or some local governments officials participated in them to cheer for the volunteers.

At the Clean WORLD Movement held in La Florida, Chile, Deputy Mayor Rafael Izquierdo of La Florida and the officials from the city visited the event site to encourage the members who held the cleanup campaign in cold weather. Deputy Mayor Izquierdo said, “We’re very pleased and surprised that we have so many volunteers who sacrifice their time to clean the areas people have made dirty.” The residents who took a close look at their cleanup praised them, saying, “They’re really doing a good deed.” In Brasilia, Brazil, a resident was moved by the members and said, “Where else can we see people clean up the trash with love and laughter the whole time?” and also joined them.

A member who participated in the Clean WORLD Movement in Baltimore, MD, U.S., said, “We are only a few, compared with the population of the world. However, I realized that one person can change the world through this Clean WORLD Movement. Just as people on the other side of the earth motivated me to take part in this volunteer service, I, too, want to spread love and happiness to someone else.” Feeling that all mankind is one family, the members made a resolution to give hope to the global family through many different types of volunteer services.