Delivering the love of a mother through wholeheartedly-made delicious, nutritious kimchi

It was autumn in an ancient palace where colorful mountains under the blue sky create picturesque scenery. Crowds of people with scarlet bandanas and aprons created an unusual scene in Hwaseong Temporary Palace as if it was tinged with red. Intl. WeLoveU Foundation members gathered in twos and threes to make delicious kimchi for their neighbors in need.

WeLoveU members are in peace and harmony, helping one another with putting on aprons and bandanas and displaying salted kimchi.

WeLoveU hosted the 16th Kimchi-Making Festival with the Heart of Mother in Hwaseong Temporary Palace, Suwon, on Nov. 6. On the day, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, the board members, and 300 members from WeLoveU conducted the heart-warming event. President Park Rae-heon of Suwon Cultural Foundation, and Councilor Kim Gi-jeong of Suwon City, including people from all walks of life, such as Vocalists Lee Seung-hun and Yun Tae-gyu, and Actress Choi Ye-jin made kimchi for neighbors.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of WeLoveU (fifth from the right), President Park Rae-heon of Suwon Cultural Foundation, Councilor Kim Gi-jeong of Suwon City, Vocalist Yun Tae-gyu, and Actress Choi Ye-jin participate in kimchi-making.

WeLoveU members diligently moved about from early in the morning, displaying the salted cabbages on the workbenches and arranging packing boxes. Around the time when the chilly morning wind calms, yellowish cabbages were arranged to turn into kimchi under the warmth of autumn. The venue looked like a cabbage field, and passersby stopped by to take a photo. Panel displays too drew much attention from citizens and foreigners who visited Hwaseong Temporary Palace.

Cabbages were set up in a line, presenting a grand sight, and there are panel displays that explain about Kimchi-Making Festival with the Heart of Mother

Kimchi-making festival began in earnest at 10:30 a.m. Volunteers, including Chairwoman Zahng, filled cabbages with seasoning that were made of about 20 kinds of agricultural and marine products. Vocalist Yun Tae-gyu, who helped with carrying material sacks, said with a bright smile, “I anticipate this wonderful event every year. It’s really worthwhile to share love with so many people.”

Rup Maya GURUNG, a Nepali housewife, who has stayed in Korea for more than eight years loves kimchi, said, “My four-year-old daughter loves kimchi, so I’m trying to make kimchi with the heart of a mother who loves her daughter.” Aygyul MAGADIEVA, a Russian housewife, said, “Koreans have much love and warmth. I’ve received help from many good people in this country. I will share this love with my neighbors.” Gwon Gyeong-jah (50 year old, from Songjuk-dong, Suwon) said, “I really hope that everyone who receives this kimchi will feel the heart of a mother, and realize that we are always on their side. I really hope that they will spend their winter with warmth and kindness.”

After finishing making kimchi, Chairwoman Zahng introduced to the guests Korean kimchi, the culture of making kimchi, the event of Kimchi-Making Festival with the Heart of Mother, and the situations of senior citizens who live alone, saying, “Those who have tasted the kimchi we made, wait for our kimchi in the following year.” This is the reason that the kimchi-making festival has been held every year for more than ten years.

Kimch was neatly packaged in 10 kilograms [22 lbm] each. Foreign tourists who happened to see the kimchi-making, visited the venue and tasted the kimchi. Regardless of age, they put their thumbs up and were very happy about tasting kimchi. Midhat ABDEL-MAGIED from Australia, said, “I’ve come to the palace to learn about the tradition and history of Korea, but this kimchi-making caught my eyes. They are helping their neighbors in need through kimchi. Their culture of sharing love is wonderful.” President Park Rae-heon of Suwon Cultural Foundation, who participated in the event, said, “Even many foreign tourists are participating in our traditional culture of making kimchi in front of a world heritage site, Hwaseong. This is creating a festive mood and making this event more meaningful.” He hoped that the members’ love will be well delivered to the neighbors along with kimchi.

On the day, kimchi of 8,000 kilograms [17,637 lbm] was delivered to 800 households in Suwon, Seongnam, Yongin, and Hwaseong. Officials from the local governments said, “Kimchi is a very precious gift and love for our unfortunate neighbors. Many of our neighbors need out help, and yet we lack the supply of kimchi. I really hope that WeLoveU will continue to carry out this meaningful event.”

Kimchi of 8,000 kg [17,637 lbm] delivered to 800 households in Suwon, Hwaseong, Seongnam, and Youngin

After the event, Chairwoman Zahng complimented the WeLoveU volunteers on their efforts, and went to Hwaseo-dong, Suwon; there she visited a 50-year woman who took care of her old mother who had a stroke, and said, “This is kimchi wholeheartedly made with various ingredients good for health. It is like an invigorant.” She presented a package of kimchi to her with rice, blankets, heating expenses, and the words of consolation. She wished that all the neighbors would spend their winter in good health and warmth.

Kimchi of 8,000 kg [17,637 lbm] is delivered to 800 households in Suwon, Hwaseong, Seongnam, and Yongin

Delicious kimchi made of various nutrients with the heart of mother

Kimchi gives a delicious and rich flavor when a variety of ingredients such as fresh cabbages, seasoning, and broth are mixed in the right proportions. On that day, WeLoveU members added a special ingredient—a mother’s love and sincerity—to kimchi, hoping that everyone would have warm winter.