Happiness was delivered to the neighbors with a pleasant shelter

A house is where a man forms his family, spends his life, and rests his body hiding from wind and rain. Therefore, residential environment is an important matter that can determine even the quality of life. For this, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation helped the neighbors living in a poor environment.

On May 19, some members from WeLoveU Jinju Branch visited a low-income family in Changchon-ri, Sugok-myeon. A 50-years-old father lived with his 90-years-old mother and a mentally disabled daughter in a shabby place, not repaired for a long time due to economic difficulties. The bars in the window were broken and the ventilation was poor, so even their safety was threatened. The members decided to improve their house by themselves.

화장실, 주방, 방 2곳, 외벽 등 열악한 주거환경을 개선하고 가전제품 및 가구 설치에 나선 위러브유 회원들.

On May 22, twenty-five members visited the house again and repaired the worn out kitchen and the water pipe. Later, until July 14, they continued with constructions big and small. The members set the electrical heating [ondol] under the floor as well as other heating equipment, newly papered the inner wall that got mildewed, and repaired the outer wall that was weak for the wind and rain along with the roof, the front gate, the bars of the window, and ventilation. They also repaired the shabby restroom and installed a new basin. When they almost finished the work, they installed a sink and a gas stove, and brought a new refrigerator, washing machine, table, and shelf inside the kitchen. After setting the furniture with beads of sweat, they finished the work by cleaning every corners of the house.

공사 전 주방(왼쪽). 보수 공사 및 싱크대 설치를 통해 위생적인 환경으로 탈바꿈한 주방(오른쪽).

Seeing the place where they lived for almost twenty years changing, the family showed their heartfelt gratitude to the WeLoveU. The members hoped the three family members will be healthy and happy in the newly cleaned house.

Residential environment improvement project that takes care of family, the smallest unit of society, is related to the 11th goals of the SDGs—”Make cities and human settlements.” WeLoveU will continue to take care of neighbors in every corner of the globe so that no one will be left behind.