There are many victims of war in Vietnam, where fierce battles had been going on to achieve its independence. The government awards war veterans as patriotic martyrs and pays tribute to their spirit. Among them, many wives and mothers even fought in wars or generously supported their husbands or children in the rear. In this situation, the title given to the mothers who lost their children due to war is ‘Vietnamese Great Mother.’

Despite a social bond of sympathy and laws to protect these people due to the characteristics of Vietnamese culture, which emphasizes the value of filial piety, many of those people were actually living in poverty because of improper financial support of the government. On September 27 and October 16, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation visited seven Vietnamese ‘Great Mothers’ living in Binh Hung Hoa A, Ho Chi Minh and delivered living expenses and groceries to them.

Most of them were elderly people in their 70s or older. Some of them even found it difficult to purchase medicines to cure their chronic disease because of financial difficulty. An elderly woman said, “I often felt lonely because I was always alone. Now, however, I’m much comforted as you came here, calling me a great mother.” Government officials, too, expressed their gratitude to the WeLoveU for offerung real help with a warm heart.