450 members, living in Incheon and Bucheon, shared life with a beautiful heart

On September 29, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation held a blood drive at the Sejong General Hospital in Bucheon for the second time after the last year. For this 11th Blood Drive nationwide, the Hospital provided the participants with place and medical team and the Daejayon [International Association of University Student for Environmental Movement] supported the event by conducting a campaign for blood drive.

As the only hospital specializing in heart disease in the nation, the Sejong General Hospital which performs 1,300 operations every year needs a great quantity of blood. The WeLoveU Foundation which has the same regard for helping children with heart disease held the event together to help patients. This day, about 450 members living in Incheon and Bucheon came to the hospital to donate blood.

The blood drive continued for six hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Entering the hall in the second basement, the members waited their turn in order. They filled up the medical chart, measured their blood pressure, pulse and temperature, were asked about their medical history, and received blood test to be deemed suitable for blood donation.

Among the participants, many were the first time to take part in a blood drive. Those who were unable to donate blood because they were not in good physical condition hoped that they could help others by donating blood, saying, “We wanted to do this because we can save life by doing this.” The members who had vague fear became full of fervor to participate in a good work, saying, “We could be courageous because we were altogether.” Although they all had the same fervor for sharing life but only those who passed all the examinations could donate blood, so they received congratulations and became the envy of others.

In the afternoon, Chairwoman Zhang Gil-jah visited the place. She commended the members who participated in the valuable and rewarding work to save life, encouraged the members by holding their hands, and expressed her gratitude. She hoped that the members, who took part in blood donation to save life, will be more healthy and blessed.

President of Sejong General Hospital, Park Yeong-gwan, expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for helping them every year through the blood drive and gave words of blessing to the members who participated in the drive with a bright smile, saying, “We can share our property and technology, but the best way to share love is possible by blood donation. It makes the person who donates blood even healthier and younger.” Chairwoman of the board of the hospital, Jeong Ran-hee who dropped by to encourage the members, said, “We easily say about volunteer service activity, but it’s not that easy to practice it. WeLoveU members’ blood donation is a great help to patients.”

The members, who donated blood with bright smiles and pure enthusiasm, were rather grateful for taking the opportunity to donate their blood. A member said, “In the past, I donated blood for the things that I could receive after donating blood. I wasn’t that proud of myself at that time because I did it for myself, but this time I’m so happy that I can help somebody.” Members Jo Han-won (39 years old) and his wife Shin Eun-ju (34 years old), who took part in the event together this day, donated their donor cards. They were full of joy, saying, “When my mother and one of my friends had a heart surgery in this hospital, they had to receive a blood transfusion. We received others’ help. But this time, we take part in good work to help others.”

he members who could not donate blood this day as well as 167 members who donated blood, all said that they would donate blood next time for sure. The medical team of the Sejong General Hospital and officials said, “The WeLoveU members look bright and they donated blood with love and devotion. I think their warm heart will be delivered to patients. I hope this kind of event will spread more and it will make civic awareness mature.” They said that they would make the best use of blood and donor cards they gathered this day for patients.