Making it more convenient for war veterans to use war their facilities through cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Vietnam, which experienced a series of wars while trying to gain independence, runs eight Invalids Convalescence Centres affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (aka the Ministry of Labour of Vietnam) for war veterans. A total of 370 people were hospitalized at the centres, and about 5,000 patients were annually receiving outpatient treatment. However, the convalescence centres could not manage the deteriorated facilities due to lack of financial aid from the government.

At the request of the Ministry of Labour of Vietnam, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which had been regularly carrying out well-being activities for about past 20 years, starting with establishing a children centre in Vietnam in 2002, decided to help out Invalids Convalescence Centres. They promised to provide supplies worth about 7,000 USD at the MOU signing event with the Ministry of Labour on October 21 after discussing specific plans to support the centres with officials from the Ministry of Labour on July 7.

Then, the WeloveU provided support to the centres without hesitation. The WeLoveU branch in Hanoi, purchased 12 water purifiers and 4 electric rice cookers and sent them to the Invalids Convalescence Centres in each region. One water purifier and one electric rice cooker were each sent to convalescence centres in Long Dat, Mien Trung, Sam Son, and Phu Tho, and two water purifiers were each sent to convalescence centres in Duy Tien, Kim Bang, Lang Giang, and Thuan Thanh.

After delivering the goods to the convalescence centres, the members participated in the donation ceremony by visiting each convalescence centre between November 17 and November 30. They also looked into how they could additionally provide help in the future after hearing about operational difficulties from the centre officials. They also did not neglect visiting the war veterans while strictly adhering to COVID-19 preventative measures. The war veterans expressed how touched they were, saying, “There were many organizations that paid a visit to the center here, but there was none that consoled, encouraged, and remembered us for our efforts like the WeLoveU did.” The members wished they would spend the rest of their lives in peace and happiness, as they had dedicated their lives to serving the country.

Providing supplies to the convalescence centres was the first activity after the signing of MOU between the WeLoveU and the Ministry of Labour. The WeLoveU plans to continue to carry out diverse well-being activities such as providing assistance in nursing and fostering for the Vietnamese Heroic Mother [Bereaved mother who had to take up the family responsibility] and providing support for the underprivileged through close cooperation with the Ministry of Labour.