Attending the Mid-Autumn Festival in Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen and donating 50 bicycles to disabled and socially vulnerable children

Vietnamese people have a mid-autumn festival (known as tet trung thu in Vietnamese) on the 15th day of the eighth month by the lunar calendar. It is like Children’s Day in many ways; many events get held for children, and in each household the parents give gifts to their children in celebration of the day. The central government and local authorities, too, hold various events on this day, and try to make sure that no child gets left behind to feel alienated.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation(Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah) Chapter in Hanoi joined in adding meaning to this festival. At the request of Disabled People and Child Protection Association in Vietnam, the WeLoveU decided to donate 50 bicycles to disabled and socially vulnerable children at the event held in Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen, and on September 15, they donated 83.5 million dong [3,690 USD] to Disabled People and Child Protection Association. On the following day, Chairman Luong Phan Cu delivered a certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU for the donated funds.

The donation ceremony was held at the Disabled People and Child Protection Association in Vietnam on September 17. A total of 50 children—20 from Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen and 10 each from Huyen Dai Tu, Huyen Dinh Hoa, and Huyen Phu Luong—would receive the donated bicycles.

Chairman Luong Phan Cu said, “Children are always in our mind. Today is the first day we are working together with the WeLoveU. It feels like our relationship will further improve. I’m really happy.” He sincerely thanked the WeLoveU for donating bicycles, saying, “We really want to do much more work together with the WeLoveU when everything returns to normal after COVID-19 gets under control.”

Vice Chairman Nguyen Trong Dam said, “Bicycles are meaningful and pragmatic gifts for children who will start the new semester after the mid-autumn festival. In many rural areas and cities, road conditions are not good and schools are often far away from residential areas. So it is not easy for many children to commute to school, which affects their health and learning.” He took great delight in the WeLoveU’s donation, saying, “The WeLoveU’s gifts are just what the children need right now in this age. They will surely be of great help to them.”

The WeLoveU has been actively providing educational expenses and medical expenses for pediatric patients, having with great concern for the Vietnamese children’s education and health, because they know children are the ones who will brighten up the future. Just as trees grow to become beautiful ones when they receive abundant nutrients through water and sunlight, children grow to become great people in the future under the love and care of many people. With such faith, the WeLoveU will continue to provide support to children.