A trio of love—concert, play and cleaning—will linger long in their mind

Around 90 student members from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Daejeon Branch visited a facility, “Hanguleum,” for disabled children, three times during the month of August. In the facility, 41 severely disabled children under six age, who can do nothing by themselves, are living with their rehabilitation teachers around the clock. Over half of them are suffering from cerebral palsy with a sight or hearing disability—they need a helping hand of love more than anybody.

Students of the Daejeon branch planned to visit “Hanguleum” to foster the spirit of love, gratitude and sharing, and learn neighborly love during their vacation. 60 students had a meaningful time with the disabled children. They performed a chamber concert for the children and the teachers, played together with chidlren and cleaned their rooms.

When student members first visited the facility on August 5, those who had talent for playing instruments played orchestral music for an hour: classic music such as the Bassoon Solo, “My Grandfather’s Clock,” film music, praising song, children’s song, and animation song. It was very touching and exciting. A facility official commented, “Through the concert, we enjoyed various kinds of music which were hard to listen to in ordinary times. We were able to share our mind with the children through the music, and the music also comforted the rehabilitation teachers.” After the students finished the performance, they helped the children eat snack, read books for them and gave them a hug. Kim Jun-seong (18 years old) who participated in the concert was proud of himself, saying, “I’m happy to be able to share something with others though it’s small.”

On August 16, nineteen girl students with their mothers visited the facility. They helped the rehabilitation teachers, who cleaned the facility every day to maintain cleanliness. The girls wiped the floor of the assembly hall with damp cloth, and they even cleaned the top of the windows, standing on chairs. Beads of sweat stood on the girls’ forehead when they cleaned the education room, stairs, drawers, wheel chairs, sporting equipment and the rail for the visually handicapped children. Kim Ha-gyeong (14 years old), who volunteered for the second time, cleaned those places pleasantly, saying, “When I came here last time, l felt happy to be with children and I was proud of myself. I highly recommend my friends to come here to do volunteer service activity.”

And on August 19, thirteen boy students visited the facility together with male adult and male young adult members. Students cleaned the outside of the building which was hard for girls to do. They did great job by cleaning every nook and corner of the facility—building exterior, wall-hanging fans, etc. Shin Jun-su (16 years old), who was covered in sweat while cleaning outside in the hot weather, said, “I had some prejudice against the disabled people, but after I visited here, I came to know that no one wanted to be born disabled. Come to think of it, I felt so sorry to them. From now on, I will love and help them more.”

Lee Eun-jeong, the director of the facility, said, “The students are very humble. Thanks to their faithful service, the teachers could use their time more for the children. We are really grateful for your helping hands.” She complimented the students from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation again and again. The teachers also said, “I appreciate your diligent work and concert very much.” They asked the students to visit them again.

The three times’ volunteer services were a time to share love between the disabled and non-disabled people. It also provided an opportunity to the students to experience true happiness from volunteer activity and to form a habit of volunteering to serve others.

Among the disabled children, there was Tae-hee who was bright and laughed much even though she was fed through the tube into her stomach, Geon-su who had to wrap his hands because his hands had eczema by his severe sucking on fingers, Hyo-ju who could not move at all but looked very cute, and Da-bin who had a sight disability but smiled and gurgled as if she knew their coming . . . The students promised to visit the facility again, thinking these children. Proud, gratitude and the smile of love spread on their faces.