Thank you letters

Letters of thanks from those who received precious gifts.

Many people sent letters of thanks without forgetting the love they received from Intl. WeLoveU
Foundation, which stretches out a helping hand of a mother to people in difficulties.

Gurae Elementary School/ Bang Hye-bin

I’m Bang Hye-bin from Gurae Elementary School (3rd grade). Thank you for giving me new shoes and pastel crayons. I feel so good to have new shoes.

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Gurae Elementary School/ Kim Won-gi

Spring has come, and beautiful flowers are in full bloom. I’m training hard, wearing the shoes you gave. I will help others when I grow up.

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The 8th Love Concert Beneficiary Child, Mi-suk Kim (Not real name)

Hi, I’m Mi-suk Kim who received your help on November 25, 2007. I got much better because of your help.

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Makao from Japan (Coach)

I have never received this kind of warm welcome except in Korea. I will come to see you again.

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Professor from Russia

Thank you for your warm welcome.

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