Thank you letters

Letters of thanks from those who received precious gifts.

Many people sent letters of thanks without forgetting the love they received from Intl. WeLoveU
Foundation, which stretches out a helping hand of a mother to people in difficulties.

A Chinese Graduate Student

I could feel Korean's enthusiasm and warmheartdeness through the Intl. We Love U Foundation.

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China Multicultiral Family

I felt like I was comforted in my mother's arms. Thank you for giving me comfort both physically and spiritually.

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Philippines Multicultural Family

I will overcome any trials. Thank you for help!

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thank you very much (A letter from Paudelhemraj)

A Nepalese student studying in Korea posted a letter of gratitude after seeing the IWF’s volunteering activity for Nepal on the Internet website.

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Okdong Elementary School/ Jeong Da-un

My name is Jeong Da-un in 6th grade. I want to be a person who volunteers for children, like you who gave me shoes and pastel crayons.

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Okdong Elementary School/ Ji Mi-hae

My shoes and pastel crayons you gave are very good. I carefully use my crayons so that they won’t break. I’m happy to draw pictures joyfully.

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