Heart-shaped flowers bloom here and there.
This is a message from the students of Paranaque San Isidro National High School
in Philippines to the WeLoveU members.

On February 22, the WeLoveU donated school uniforms to 160 students who couldn’t afford their uniforms due to financial difficulties. The students were very happy and tried on their uniforms right away.

“Thank you, WeLoveU Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah!”

The WeLoveU and the school made an agreement to actively cooperate for the improvement of education for the students. Principal Aurea Salazar expressed her gratitude for the donation by giving the certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU.

Seeing the students so happy to receive the donation,
the WeLoveU members were also happy, wishing for the students’ bright future.

“I was moved by the enthusiastic welcome from the students.
I wish their dreams and hopes to come true.”

“I want the students to have great hopes and dreams even in a difficult environment.”

It was a happy and joyful day, which was overflowing with laughter
of all the student, teachers, and WeLoveU members.