Donating 80 million dong [about 3,530 USD] to replace a Vietnamese pediatric patient’s artificial pacemaker

The Viet Nam Red Cross Society and the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation began to work together when the WeLoveU donated protective equipment against COVID-19 on June 17. At the time, the Red Cross Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu hoped that the donation ceremony would be the first meaningful step toward the cooperation with the two organizations. A few days later, the Red Cross proposed a project related to health and hygiene. As its first case, they suggested providing medical expense to a pediatric patient who had to undergo a surgery of replacing her artificial pacemaker at National Children’s Hospital on June 30; her family was in economic difficult.

The pediatric patient had to replace her heart valves shortly after birth and have an artificial pacemaker implanted in her. Until she was now nine years old, she had undergone five big surgeries. Recently, she had to undergo another surgery for replacing her pacemaker which of the battery had been almost discharged. Her parents had a very hard time because of medical expenses in a critical situation when their daughter didn’t have much time left for her life. Having learned of this situation, the Red Cross asked the WeLoveU to help with the medical expenses for the child patient.

The medical expense donation ceremony was held on July 5 at National Children’s Hospital. Three members from the WeLoveU, Luong Thi Hong Thuy the Director of External Relations and Development Department of the Red Cross, Dr. BS Nguyen Thanh Hai the Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Examination and Diagnosis at the National Children’s Hospital, and the child’s father participated in the ceremony. That day, the WeLoveU donated 8,000 dong [about 3,530 USD] to the child’s family through the Red Cross, and also presented wholeheartedly prepared gifts to them, hoping that she would quickly recover.

Dr. BS Nguyen Thanh Hai said, “I’ve been greatly moved by the WeLoveU donating medical expenses for the pediatric patient,” and added that it would be of great meaning to the child’s family. He also expressed gratitude to the Red Cross, saying, “Thank you so much for always accompanying our hospital during the past time.”

The child patient’s father said, “I’m sincerely thankful to the Red Cross and the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation for giving us a helping hand when we were in times of crisis. Your help is greatly appreciated.”

On the day, Red Cross Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu delivered a certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU through Director Luong Thi Hong Thuy.