Donating 79,000 face masks and 10,000 medical gloves to the Red Cross, hospitals, and People’s Committee in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, the fourth wave of COVID-19, which began from the end of April, is not subsiding, but growing more intense as time goes by. The daily number of confirmed cases exceeded 10,000 in the previous month, and it is still creating an impact. From the first to the third wave of COVID-19, the virus proliferated only in several major cities, but the fourth wave drastically increased the number of patients in cities and provinces as well, which hindered the government from effectively containing the virus. The area worst hit by COVID-19 is the southern part of Ho Chi Minh. Nearby cities such as Bạc Liêu and Long An are also affected, and so the number of patients in the southern part occupies 85% of the total COVID-19 patients. Although the government continues to vaccinate the people, only about 10% of the people have received the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine so far; eventually, the government is imposing lockdowns and stay-at-home order. As the world is opting for “Living with COVID-19” because of economical difficulties, the government of Viet Nam is also considering the option, however, that requires a high vaccination rate first, which is why the government is deeply concerned about whether to go with it.

The members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation(Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah) in Viet Nam have helped many organizations and citizens in difficulties while adhering to the guidelines given by the government since COVID-19 breakout. As no one knew when COVID-19 would reach its peak infection rate, the WeLoveU decided to provide support to Viet Nam in September. From September 21 to 24, the WeLoveU donated 79,000 face masks and 10,000 medical gloves to the Red Cross of Hanoi, Soha News Company, E Hospital, People’s Committee in Nghia Tan, Cau Giay, and National Children’s Hospital. 18,000 face masks were delivered to the Red Cross of Hanoi in the morning of the 21st; 22,000 masks to Soha News Company in the afternoon of the 21st; 16,000 masks to E Hospital in the morning of the 22nd; 7,000 masks to People’s Committee in Nghia Tan in the afternoon of the 22nd; 16,000 masks to National Children’s Hospital on the 24th; and 10,000 medical gloves to People’s Committee in Nghia Tan.

After the donation ceremony, the Red Cross of Hanoi and the WeLoveU visited two community health centers, two People’s Committees, and one private school to personally deliver the donated goods to them for two days on the 27th and 28th. Soha News Company, which has a lot of subscribers in Viet Nam, not only gives information to people but also takes part in helping out citizens in difficulties. So the company sent the donated goods to 11 hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Lieu Province, and Long An Province, which were hit hard by COVID-19, for the medical staff to be safe from COVID-19. E Hospital in Hanoi provided the donated protective equipment to their medical staff; and People’s Committee in Nghia Tan, along with the Red Cross in the area, provided protective equipment to the staff of the nearby community health center and of People’s Committee. Half of the employees at National Children’s Hospital, where there are about 2,000 employees in total, were now in the southern part of Viet Nam to contain the spread of COVID-19. The hospital explained that the protective equipment against COVID-19 would be sent to the medical staff at the forefront of containing the spread.

Organizations that received the support expressed gratitude to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and requested constant cooperation

Officials at the organizations that received the donated protective equipment against COVID-19 expressed gratitude to the WeLoveU and requested constant cooperation.

Dao Ngoc Trieu, Chairman of the Red Cross in Hanoi, said, “I really hope that the warmheartedness of the chairwoman of the WeLoveU will reach out to all those who are in need of help. By constantly working with the WeLoveU, we will share the chairwoman’s love and affection with the citizens of Hanoi.” After the donation ceremony, he invited the WeLoveU members to his office and served them with tea. Pham Dinh Manh from Soha News Company emphasized that the WeLoveU provided what Viet Nam really needed, saying, “On behalf of Soha News Company and eleven hospitals that received the face masks, I would like to sincerely thank the WeLoveU. Due to lack of face masks, we would sometimes re-use them several times.” He wished to work with the WeLoveU to provide meaningful help to the international community in the future.

Le Thai Dung, Chairman of Regional Red Cross, who participated in the donation ceremony held at People’s Committee in Nghia Tan, said, “The WeLoveU played an important role in preventing the spread of the infectious virus. I’m deeply moved by the WeLoveU members’ love and morals.” Pham Duy Hien, Vice-Chairman of National Children’s Hospital, too greeted and said, “I’m deeply touched and happy to receive support from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and the chairwoman. On behalf of 2,000 employees and 1,000 pediatric patients at the hospital, I would like to once again thank you.”

After the donation ceremony, the WeLoveU was flooded with the letters of appreciation. The Red Cross of Hanoi sent a Certificate of Acknowledgment “Humanitarian GOLDEN HEART” to the WeLoveU in appreciation of its humanitarian support, and one field hospital that received the donated face masks sent a letter of appreciation to the WeLoveU through Soha News Company. Director of E Hospital sent a letter of appreciation to the WeLoveU, and the Red Cross of Nghia Tan sent a Certificate of Acknowledgment “Humanitarian GOLDEN HEART” and a letter of appreciation, and National Children’s Hospital, too, politely sent a letter of appreciation to the WeLoveU.

A total of 12 newspaper publishing companies and broadcasting companies shed light on the WeLoveU’s donating protective equipment against COVID-19 for preventing the spread of the virus in Viet Nam, and unsparingly complimented the WeLoveU for having regularly conducted volunteer services in Viet Nam for twenty years.