Congratulatory Address


“When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Even though many pioneers have been striving to make “a world where children are happy,” the reality of it is that the fence to protect children and foster their hopes and dreams is falling apart.

Some children are orphans of war; some are dying from diseases and hunger; and some are left in violence and abuse. The slogan, “Do not curse at children, or abuse them, or exploit them,” has become meaningless, and the pain and suffering of children is increasing even more.

Children are the future and hope of a family, society and humankind. In order to make a world where children are happy and all human beings are full of hope, our love and concern for children is needed most urgently beyond nationality and race.

The International WeLoveU Foundation has taken the lead in protecting children’s lives and happiness until today. With the conviction of neighborly love, the International WeLoveU Foundation is doing good with the right hand without letting the left hand know it. They are making the future of humankind bright and beautiful just like the word of God which hasn’t changed for two thousand years.

I believe that the International WeLoveU Foundation, which practices God’s love silently with a sincere heart, will bring back healthy smiles to children and all the people throughout the world as well.

I truly give thanks to the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah who always sets an example for us, as well as the directors and all the members. I wish the International WeLoveU Foundation to prosper and succeed for the days to come.